Without your support, code, encouragements or inspiration, we wouldn't be able to make Cryptee.


Perhaps the greatest inspiration for how a small company with great tech can stand up for privacy.
Thanks for leading the way and for all your hard work on openpgpjs that powers Cryptee.

Open Source Libraries & Licenses

openpgpjs (LGPL-3.0)
hwcrypto.js (MIT)
Bulma (MIT)
Bulmaswatch (MIT)
FileSaver.js (MIT)
Fuse.js (Apache 2.0)
Quill (BSD-3-Clause)
Highlight.js (BSD-3-Clause)
KaTeX.js (MIT)
(pdf.js) pdfjs-dist (Apache 2.0)
exif-js (MIT)
keymaster (MIT)
raven (BSD-2-Clause)
Sortable (MIT)
zxcvbn (MIT)
jq-ajax-progress (MIT)
tribute (MIT)
jquery (MIT)
color-thief (MIT)
showdown (License)
IntersectionObserver-polyfill (W3C License)
localForage (Apache 2.0)
x2js (Apache 2.0)
javascript-natural-sort (MIT)
DOMPurify (Apache 2.0)
swiper (MIT)