This page is dedicated to all the amazing companies & people without whose support, partnership, sponsorship, friendship, code, encouragements or inspiration, we wouldn't be able to make Cryptee.


Cryptee ❤ Sentry.

All apps come with bugs, and Cryptee is no exception. Sentry helps us identify, track & hunt them down.

Just like Cryptee, Sentry is entirely Open Source, and they're also incredibly kind folks who sponsor Cryptee. So if you're a developer, go check them out. They're amazing.


Without our fantastic merchant of record Paddle, we wouldn't be able to navigate the crazy world of software taxes, invoices, subscription management and payments.

They seriously deserve an extended standing ovation for the most friendly and helpful team.


Perhaps the greatest inspiration for how a small company with great tech can stand up for privacy.

Thanks for leading the way and for all your hard work on openpgpjs that powers Cryptee.

Hall of Fame

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of security researchers, programmers and designers in keeping our services safe, private and usable. The following people have responsibly disclosed bugs, vulnerabilities, helped us in somehow, or just gave us friendly and critical design feedback that made Cryptee better in one way or another.

  Alicia F.

  Char S.

  Onur B.Y.

  Maro H.

  Jerbi Nessim