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We've prepared step-by-step guides for you to easily move your data
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Documents & Notes
Move From Evernote


Move From Bear Note

Bear Note

Move From Apple Notes

iCloud Notes

Move From Other Docs & Notes Services


Move From Google Photos

Google Photos

Move From Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

Move From iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos

Move From Other Photos Services


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Cryptee FAQ - Account & Security
Account & Security

I'm having trouble logging in!

I forgot my encryption key!

I forgot my password!

About password managers

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Cryptee FAQ - General

What happens if I exceed my storage limit?

Why can't I find Cryptee in the app store?

Is there a file-size limit?

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Cryptee FAQ - Documents

How can I see the word / character count?

Can I search all my documents for a text?

What is the Home Document?

What is a Ghost Folder?

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Cryptee FAQ - Photos

Can I upload videos to Cryptee Photos?

How does the intelligent search work?

What is a Ghost Album?

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Cryptee FAQ - Payments

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

How can I change my payment method?

Why is my payment (method) rejected?

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