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Cryptee is a private & encrypted place to write personal documents, notes or journals, and store your photos & other files. We can't read your documents or see your photos, and no one else can either. Made in Europe, for your privacy, security & peace of mind.

Cryptee Docs & Photos


Google announced that, as of June 1st, “unlimited” was being changed to “up to 15GB on your Google account.” ... If you’re a Google Photos user who finds all of this a bit irritating, you may be thinking of leaving.

If you’re concerned about privacy and like the idea of encryption, an open-source service called Cryptee, which is based in Estonia, offers to keep all your photos encrypted using AES-256.

as the troves of data instagram and facebook hold on users increasingly become tools of election manipulation and subject to data breaches, it’s more important than ever we have a good handle on what these tech giants know about us, said john ozbay, ceo of cryptee, and challenge them to share more.

because cryptee does not store any unencrypted data, it cannot be asked to give it to state entities. in other words, there is no way for anyone — the government, cryptee, or advertisers — to read what is kept in your journal.

when it comes to security, this app is state of the art. when making this app, the developers thought about every aspect of security and have taken every precaution to make it as secure as possible.

cryptee's policy is that state-of-the-art security shouldn't be hard to use. therefore, you can use it on any device without any kind of installation. all you need is a browser.


Cryptee's encrypted cloud photo storage service is the best place to store your private photos. Your photos are encrypted before they leave your device, so we can't see your photos, and no one else can either.

hide your private photos

with "ghost" albums

favorite your photos

to revisit your treasured moments

tag your photos

with easy #hashtag tagging

search the way you think

with intelligent photo search

find your photos instantly

with typo-tolerant search

view your photos larger

with slideshow mode

quickly create albums

with one-click selections

backup your photos easily

with drag & drop uploads

safekeep original-quality photos

because every detail matters


Cryptee's encrypted document editor is great for writing private & personal documents. Your documents are encrypted before they leave your device, so we can't read your documents, and no one else can either.

use on all your devices

with encrypted & instant sync

use offline (as well as online)

and sail away without worries

cross-link your docs, notes & files

with attachments & cross-links

use inline #hash tags

to categorize your ideas quickly

use markdown & hotkeys

to write privately like a pro

use checkboxes & tables

to keep track of things to do

code & write math in a breeze

with inline-code & katex math

hide your documents

with "ghost" folders

jump between chapters

with table of contents

quickly reference pdf & ebooks

with side-by-side view

use continuous or print layout

to print precisely what you see

save documents as pdf files

with millimetric on-paper accuracy

use rtl languages

and feel right at home

leave old insecure apps behind

with a few clicks of migration

open & import evernote™ notes

with built-in evernote™ support

open, edit & save docx files

with built-in word™ support

open & save markdown files

with built-in markdown support

open & save pdf files

with built-in pdf support


install now

it's only 20mb


bulletproof security

your data is for your eyes only. all your documents, notes, photos, and files are encrypted using aes256 before leaving your devices. It would take a supercomputer millions of years to crack open your data. we can't read your documents or see your photos, and no one else can either.

ultimate deniability

protect your data from unfriendly eyes with our unique ghost folders feature. even if someone asks you to log in to your account in front of them, your most sensitive files will remain hidden. plus, we don't require you to download any apps, so nobody will know you use cryptee by looking at your app download history.

multiple authentication methods

you can sign up anonymously using a regular username & password, email & password or —if anonymity isn't a concern— with your google account.

anonymous sign up

all you need is a username. we do not require you to provide any personal identifiers, like an email address or phone number, to create an account with us.

easy to use

we believe that state-of-the-art security shouldn't be hard to use. you can use cryptee on any device using your favorite web browser. you can also install cryptee's app to use it even when you're offline. cryptee is a progressive web app (pwa), so you can install it on your device, straight from your browser with one tap.

open source

we believe that you shouldn't have to trust our word when it comes to security. you should be able to personally verify it. that is why we made cryptee open-source, so that you can read line by line, how cryptee works and how your data is secured.

gdpr compliant by design

your data leaves your device fully encrypted, and only you have the keys. since even we can't access your data, and only you can, based on gdpr article 25, cryptee is gdpr compliant, and provides “data protection by design and by default". we do not use any cookies or trackers. and you can download and see all data associated with your account from your account settings at any time. you can read more about this in our easy-to-read privacy policy.

locational privacy

we are based in estonia, europe. named "the most advanced digital society in the world" by wired, and a country where the government runs on blockchain, there are self-driving public busses, and food delivery robots. because estonia is outside of the 14-eyes countries, we have greater protection from mass surveillance and corporate espionage.







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€ 27 / mo

cryptee is incorporated, engineered and designed to provide you the ultimate privacy and security. every part of our system is designed around this. most web services rely on third party platforms like zendesk for their customer support. to make sure that even your customer support interactions remain private on cryptee, we built our own customer support system.

we don't have any analytics, cookies or trackers on our platform. even on our landing page! we've built our own mini statistics engine, which gives us the most basic information about the number of visitors we get, and that's it.

security is a tricky topic with lots of intricate details. if you wish to read more about how our security works, we have a dedicated page detailing all the security measures we employ.

learn more about our security

truth is, no company or service can secure and protect your data from all threats. there are many things cryptee can protect you from, but if you're planning on being the next snowden, we wouldn't suggest you to use our service. however if you are a high-profile celebrity, business-person or a lawyer who wants to keep their data safe, or just someone who wants to keep their documents/files and photos away from prying eyes, cryptee is perfect for you.

to learn more about what threats cryptee can and can’t protect your data from:

read our threat model


Cryptee Docs (Picture-in-Picture)


imagine handing your private photos to a friend and saying “don't show these to anyone else." if your friend is trustworthy, they won't show the photos to others. but they can still look at them. worse, if thieves break into their home, they can see your photos too. this is how storage works on all unencrypted cloud-based services, like dropbox, evernote or google photos. companies can see your files, and if they get hacked —which many companies do— hackers can see your files too.

now imagine putting your photos in a box, locking it with a key only you have and giving this box to your friends saying “don't give this box to anyone else". your friends won't be able to look at the photos, can’t show them to others, and if thieves break into their house, they can't open the box or see the photos either. because only you have the keys. this is how encrypted storage works.

with cryptee, your data is protected with the strongest possible encryption. cracking this encryption mathematically would take millions of years, even with a supercomputer. we don't have your encryption keys, so we can't see or open your files. even if we get hacked, the hackers can't see or open your files either.